Aspire2Higher is seeking LEADERS….and Followers!

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I viewed a YouTube video at a conference earlier this year that continues to play in my mind. The video is a play on what it takes to Start A Movement.  I wanted to share it with you to impress in your minds how much I need your support in the Aspire2Higher Movement!

Check out the video below:

The lessons presented in this video ring true for me as I attempt to build some traction for the Aspire2Higher movement.  In summary:

  1. A leader must have the courage to be the 1st to stand out and look Ridiculous-but they must also be EASY to Follow
  2. The1st Follower has an essential role-S/He publicly shows that its OK to follow (It also takes courage to be the 1st follower)
  3. The Leader must embrace the 1st follower
  4. A Movement must be Public…..YES THE REVOLUTION MUST BE TELEVISED!

I’ve already taken the 1st step. I am the “Dancing Nut” who will continue to dance alone until others are courageous enough to join me! As you do so, I promise to publicly acknowledge you as a partner and leader…not just a follower of the Aspire2Higher movement.  As we enter into the grassroots efforts to grow this movement, ALL of our leadership abilities will grow. My VISION includes partnerships with like-minded people and organizations to aid me in my goal:

In case you missed it in earlier posts, my goal is to infiltrate the fabric of society (specifically young students & professionals) with the ELEMENTS for Success (A2H).  Some of those Elements for Success include, Unapologetic Ambition, Financial Literacy, High Career-Esteem and Job Security

There you have it!  Aspire2Higher is seeking LEADERS who aren’t afraid to be the 1st Followers!

I, Stephanie Reed, the Founder, Owner & Operator of Aspire2Higher is asking:  Will YOU be the 1st Follower?

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